10 Feb


Subliminal Fear is a five-piece band from Italy founded in 2002.

The debut “Uncoloured World Dying” was recorded in 16th Cellar Studios in Rome with the producer Stefano Morabito (Hour of Penance, Flashgood Apocalypse) in 2007 and the band signed a worldwide deal with greek label Burning Star Records. The album got a good response from metal-heads and it received many positive reviews from Italian and European magazines.

In summer 2012, after some line up changes, Subliminal Fear entered their studios to record their second full-length “One More Breath” and they signed an agreement with the Italian label SG Records. The album has been mixed and mastered in Turin by Ettore Rigotti (Disarmonia Mundi, Destrage).

In September of 2013, Subliminal Fear’s original members decided to get back together and to work again with the same moniker but with a new musical project.

Subliminal Fear‘s new album title is “Escape from Leviathan”.

After 2 years and half working in studio, the third album is finally ready and it shows several innovations about past musical style with a greater attention to melodies and with a modern sound. The early sound has evolved in a “cyber metal” with extreme and melodic vocals, djent guitars, a huge groove and with electronic and industrial synth. Now, the band’s line-up is composed by 2 vocalists, to express better all potential of the new sound, also in live shows.

The new music style of the band mixes death metal, electronic music and catchy melodies, and it’s for lovers of Sybreed, Mnemic and Fear Factory. The third full length is been produced, mixed and mastered by Giuseppe Dentamaro and Subliminal Fear in Golem Dungeon Studios. All keyboards, samples and programming have been arranged by Botys Beezart (Godyva).

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